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About Us

To See Again: How ihearlearning.org Helps Blind Children Cope

In the past, blind students struggle to keep up with normal students. Their vision impairment usually leads to daily frustrations and adds stress to them. Unfortunately, this also leads to bullying from kids that doesn’t understand their condition.

We at ihearlearning.org are here to help blind children cope with their disability.  We educate their family, friends, and caregivers about the many breakthroughs intended to help children with this condition live their lives as close to normal as possible.  Society has come a long way in recognizing that this is possible and we’d like to continue promoting this perspective.

More people now have a better understanding of how to deal with the different lifestyle of visually impaired children and are willing to help them throughout their young lives.   At ihearlearning.org, we refuse to make their disability as an excuse not to go on living and reaching for their dreams.   We seek to provide ways for the visually impaired to get the support that they need.

We advocate alternative educational systems that make use of the other senses in teaching and learning.  The use of assistive technology, for one, can be has been greatly advantageous in gathering and transferring information quickly and more efficiently.  Among these technologies are computer software, Braille machines and note takers, audio books, and smartphone apps.

We provide information on how parents can family members can take advantage of various options for their children’s learning. They can even help them with it at home because of the simplicity of a lot of these options.  Furthermore, learning can also serve as a great bonding time for families as they engage in the activities together.

Among the learning tools that you will learn about in ihearlearning.org are:

  • Braille Note Takers – these portable devices come in 2 variants: the Braille version and the QWERTY version. These can be used by braille learners to write class assignments, read transcripts, and record lectures. These devices also help them communicate with their peers and teachers.
  • Audio Books – through these audio books, visually impaired students can appreciate literary works in all their glory. With millions of audio books that range from educational books to bestselling novels, students will not run out of options. Audio books give new life to written works through the voice of very talented voice actors. These can also help these students play with their imagination more and stimulate their creativity.
  • Smartphone Apps – there are innovative apps that turn mobile phones into more than just a communication device especially for the visually impaired. Apps for communication, Braille learning and texting, identifying things, navigation and audio listening are just a few of the practical new offerings of smartphones.
  • Computer Narrator – on-screen narrators are great for students who need to work on a computer. The on-screen narrator paired with a good set of headphones allows for a seamless relay of information

While we do not necessarily advertise or promote specific learning tools, ihearlearning.org will make information about these so you can choose whatever will best meet your child’s needs.  Aside from these innovative tools, we also give you information about other activities you can do with your child to make learning more exciting and effective.

You see, you are not alone in your situation.  We are here for you and others like you.  Living in the dark for years can be a sad thought, but for a lot of people this has been their whole life. Seeing them smile in the midst of their condition is both heartwarming and inspiring.

We, the people who are gifted with vision, should be able to see their struggles and offer a helping hand. We should always make them feel that they are not different. They are just living the world more creatively.  ihearlearning.org helps visually impaired children get the education that they need so that they can achieve their dreams.  Together, we can work to make this happen.