Feedback provides a safe space where parents of visually impaired children can get the latest information on issues related to their child’s condition. Even teachers of special needs children or anyone with a relationship with one can use this blog site to broaden their knowledge to better understand a child with visual impairment. You can even let the child read some of the blogs under your supervision if you feel this will benefit him. This blog publishes content that are a mixture of informative studies as well as firsthand testimonials.  Read on below for a handful of reviews from people with different situations.

“My son started to have problems with his eyesight two years ago when he was 3.  He was diagnosed with having a functional low vision. This blog has been telling me what I want to hear and that he can still live a happy normal life despite his condition. It feels so good to have a support system made up of parents who are going through the same thing as me. He is starting preschool soon and I’ve been exploring options for schools for special needs children. I’ve seen some good recommendations for schools from this blog and I have contacted a few of them. If we push through with it, I will remember to visit this blog regularly to know more about raising a child attending a school for special needs.”


“Hello! I just want to say thank you to this blog. My little sister is currently learning Braille and I too want to learn so I can help her.”


“My child was diagnosed with glaucoma when he was just a year old. Even though my father had glaucoma and the chances of my son inheriting it were high, it was still hard to accept. He is almost 12 now and we have been treating him with eye drops and oral medication since his diagnosis. My hopes for a permanent cure are high. I read this blog to stay updated on the latest scientific advancements on his condition. I’ve been reading a lot of cases where surgeries on children with glaucoma end up successful. This blog keeps me optimistic and reminds me to keep fighting for my son.”


“My name is Connie and I’ve been completely blind since I was 10. I am now 22 and I am writing this review using a computer with a screen reader and a braille display. I contribute to regularly because I have been there. I know what it’s like to grow up with a visual disability. And even at my age, I am still constantly learning news things about my condition from this blog.”


“I am a teacher for children with special needs and I regularly visit this blog because I too need to be taught. Even though I’ve spent years training for my profession, there are just some things you can’t learn in school. This blog has improved my social skills with my students and it’s introducing me to new teaching techniques. Reading all these stories from people has made me prouder of my job. It truly is my passion and I hope I will get to contribute in big ways to this blog.”


“I am not a parent of a child with a visual disability but my friend is. Her daughter is legally blind and it’s been bittersweet watching their journey. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is how to relate to people with a disability as someone who has lived a normal life. has given me a sort of sensitivity training in this area. I hope more people will understand the importance of treating everyone as equals.”


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