Which Golf Grips Should You Choose?

Which Golf Grips Should You Choose?

A club technology expert once said that it is extremely important to play golf using the right size of golf grips. A grip that is too big might put you in a bunker or rough, almost always, each time you play golf. A grip that is too small will tend to give increased hand movement that could affect your precision. How do you choose the right grips?

There is a chart where you can compare the measurement of your hand to get the most ideal size that fits you. There are golfers who prefer the standard size and there are those that favor smaller or bigger grip size.

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Before, golf enthusiasts claim that choosing a size that is way off your ideal size (based on the charts) won’t lead you to victory.

Bigger won’t Make it Better

There are novice golfers who might think that bigger golf grips can bring them bigger chances of winning their game. Conformists believe that if your club grip is too big for you there is a huge possibility to deliver errant shots. An expert explains that an overly huge grip can affect the angle of your wrist, especially on the downswing. It can hinder your action of rotating the club-face in one swift move and be fast enough to square it up to the target ball at impact.

The president of one of the top manufacturers of golf club grips states that too large grips tend to impede the movement of your hand. It affects the speed of your club and you won’t be able to let your golf ball travel the needed distance.

It is likewise not advisable to use too small golf grips. While the overly big grips can impede your hand movement, the overly small grips tend to increase your hand movement to the point that it affects your accuracy.

The Way to Define a too Big Grip

According to the conformists, you have the correct or right golf club grip size when the tips of your fingers just barely touched the base of your palm when you fasten your hands around the golf club.

If your fingers happen to touch the base of your palm, then you need a bigger club grip. If you see a noticeable presence of gap between your hand and fingers, then it means you need a smaller grip. The grip size ranges from undersized to jumbo.

Many modern golf experts believe that the things that the conformists believe or the conventional wisdom is no longer applicable in the modern era.

The Truth about the Grip Size

A test was conducted in 2010 wherein 24 golfers of different levels of skill participated. They were asked to hit the golf balls using different sizes of grip. Their hands were measured and the measurement was compared against the chart that tells golfers which size is the most appropriate. The golfers were given the conventionally fitted golf grips. The test revealed that only five golfers out of 24 who participated were able to hit their best shots.

The Modern Perception

Golf Grips

The experts believe that the experiment proved that the best way to determine a golfer’s ideal club grips is to try as many grip sizes as possible. The grip size that can give the golfer optimum distance and accuracy is his ideal grip size. An expert believes that the grip comfort is the reason for the golfer’s enhanced ability or performance. The most comfortable golf club grips can provide the golfer with a secure hold on the grip without causing excess pressure on the muscle.

It is still correct to say that the ideal size of grips can deliver the golfer to his victory; he just needs to carefully determine his most ideal golf grips.

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